Areeya Property PLC.
Dividend Policy & Payment

The company has the policy to pay dividend in the amount of approximately 40% of the Company’s net profit after corporate income tax and all kinds of reserve fund, provided that such dividend payment must not materially affect the Company’s normal operation and shall depend on the Company’s results of operations and financial condition, liquidity, business growth, the necessity and other appropriate matters in the future, as well as other factors related to the management of the Company as the Board of Directors considers appropriate or advisable for the maximize benefits of the shareholders.

Board of Directors Meeting No. 1/2018 passed a resolution to pay a dividend of Baht 0.04 per share from the result of its 2017 operation to the Company’s shareholders, totaling Baht 39,200,000 million.

Board Date X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend
(per Share)
Unit Operation Period
28/02/18 04/05/18 25/05/18 Cash Dividend 0.04 Baht 01/01/17-31/12/17
13/03/17 27/04/17 23/05/17 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht 01/01/16-31/12/16
08/03/16 28/04/16 24/05/16 Cash Dividend 0.04 Baht 01/01/15-31/12/15
27/02/15 No Dividend 0.00 Baht 01/01/14-31/12/14
27/02/14 09/05/14 23/05/14 Cash Dividend 0.03 Baht  
27/02/13 02/05/13 23/05/13 Cash Dividend 0.04 Baht 01/01/12-31/12/12
29/02/12 02/05/12 25/05/12 Cash Dividend 0.03 Baht 01/01/11-31/12/11
23/02/11     No Dividend 0.00 Baht 01/01/10-31/12/10
24/02/10     No Dividend 0.00 Baht 01/01/09-31/12/09
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